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Noticing the Small Things: Terri Colbert, Truman Elementary Secretary

Employee Recognition: Terrie ColbertAccording to Evelyn Hildebrand, “[It’s] the small things that tend to go unnoticed.”

While working as a guest teacher at Truman Elementary School, Ms. Hildebrand noticed the small things when she was greeted each day by the secretary, Terri Colbert.

“She was always smiling, eager to assist,” Ms. Hildebrand wrote in her letter to the Hickman Mills C-1 Schools Board of Directors. “One day I had to enter Terrie’s office to ask for supplies to get started on my assignment, and Terrie was washing a student’s hair! I was shocked at that level of commitment.”

When she asked Ms. Colbert why she was washing the young girl’s hair, Ms. Colbert simply said, “I love these children.”

“This resonated with me because ALL of our students need a champion,” Ms. Hildebrand said.

The simple action of helping the student confirmed that Ms. Colbert was committed to those students and that great educators come in all ways. “I have worked in HMC-1 in different capacities for 22 years and have never witnessed something this amazing,” Ms. Hildebrand said.

Her letter to the Board was to showcase Ms. Colbert as an outstanding staff person on the HMC-1 team. During the Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, February 23, Superintendent of Schools Yaw Obeng and the Board recognized Ms. Colbert for going above and beyond with the Applause! Applause! Award.

Thank you, Ms. Colbert, for your professionalism and for your dedication to being our students’ champion! Congratulations!