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Ruskin High School Students Celebrate Autism Awareness Month with Creative Initiative

Autism Awareness MonthAs spring flowers bloom in April, the world observes Autism Awareness Month. At Ruskin High School, special education teacher Rachel Mayo and her students are leading the charge in a unique and inspiring way.

With a passion for education and advocacy, Ms. Mayo and her students have embarked on a month-long celebration to raise awareness and support for autism. Their approach? Creating custom T-shirts and key chains to celebrate Autism Awareness.

The project didn't just stop at crafting these meaningful items. Ms. Mayo and her students took it a step further by setting up an efficient and user-friendly online ordering system using a Google form. This not only allows for seamless transactions but also provides the students with hands-on experience in promoting and monitoring sales, making it easier than ever for the community to support their cause.

In Ms. Mayo's life skills classroom, where practical, real-world skills are a focus. This initiative is an excellent opportunity for students to develop functional skills while contributing to a meaningful cause. From designing and creating the products to managing the online orders, every aspect of the project is a learning experience.

"Autism Awareness Month is about more than just spreading awareness; it's about fostering understanding and acceptance," says HMC-1 Superintendent Yaw Obeng. "We are proud of Ms. Mayo and these Ruskin students. They are learning valuable skills and helping to promote a message of inclusivity and support."

For those interested in showing their support and sporting these specially crafted items, orders for T-shirts and key chains can be placed throughout April via the following link: Order Form.

As Autism Awareness Month unfolds, Mayo and her students at Ruskin High School are not just creating awareness, they are fostering a sense of belonging and shared responsibility within their community. Their small acts of creativity and compassion have a big impact on spreading awareness and celebrating diversity.