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Hickman Mills Middle School Students Collaborate on Unique Art Project with JE Dunn

Hickman Mills Middle & JE Dunn Graffiti ProjectIn an inspiring collaboration, ten students from Hickman Mills Middle School have been selected to transform a construction trailer at the Jackson County Detention Center (JCDC) project site into a vibrant piece of art. This initiative is located at 7000 E. US Highway 40 is spearheaded by the Design Build Team, which includes JE Dunn, Axiom, and the DLR Group.

A Real-World Learning Experience

The project started on May 3 and concluded on May 21. Under the guidance of Nakisha Bausby, JE Dunn's Senior Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager, it was not just an artistic outlet but also an educational opportunity. The middle schoolers created their designs using spray paint, all while donning Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and clothing provided by JE Dunn.

Anti-Violence Theme

The theme for the trailer's artwork is “Anti-Violence” or “Crime Prevention,” aligning with the school's and community's commitment to promoting a safer environment. This theme resonates deeply with the students and staff, echoing the urgent call to “Stop the Violence.”

Dr. Chad Ryerson, Principal at Hickman Mills Middle School, expressed his enthusiasm for the project: “We are very pleased to be working with JE Dunn on this project. This allowed us to get our students some real-world learning experience and foster their curiosity in an area that could potentially be a lucrative career opportunity for them after graduation.”

JE Dunn Graffiti Trailer

Community Engagement and Career Exposure

This project is about beautifying a construction site and fostering connections between students and the construction industry. “We are glad to be able to use this project to engage the community in a way that has not been done before,” said Nakisha Bausby. “Specifically, we look forward to working with the Hickman Mills Middle School students and staff to commission artwork to brighten up the job site. Also, the Team plans to leverage this time with students to expose them to construction career options.”

Strengthening School and Community Bonds

Hickman Mills Middle School, known for its strengths in arts and sciences, is always on the lookout for off-campus experiences that enrich students' education. Dr. Ryerson emphasized the importance of such initiatives: “Hickman Mills Middle School is always eager to find opportunities to provide off-campus experiences for its students. We are also very passionate about the 'Stop the Violence' message being incorporated into this work.”

This collaboration is a testament to community partnerships' power in providing meaningful, hands-on learning experiences. By integrating art, education, and critical social messages, the students are not only contributing to a significant community project but also gaining insights into potential career paths in the construction industry.