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Celebrating Ruskin High School's Achievements in the 20/20 Leadership Program

20/20 Leadership TeamThis spring was momentous for Ruskin High School as we celebrated the outstanding achievements of our students in the 20/20 Leadership Program. Our students have demonstrated exceptional talent, dedication, and leadership, making us all incredibly proud. 

Scholarship Winners Soar High
This year, two stellar students, Ariel Fanning and Emily Ramirez, were each awarded the prestigious Royals MLB Scholarship, receiving $10,000 each. Their hard work and commitment have paid off, and we can't wait to see what they will achieve next.

Senior Darius Harden was honored with the Gene Denton Memorial Scholarship, and Senior Yuridia Abrego received the 20/20 Leadership Alumni Scholarship. These awards recognize their academic excellence, leadership, and contribution to the community.

Project Successes and Individual Recognitions
Ruskin juniors also shined brightly with their innovative project on Restorative Justice, earning a Bronze Award for Best Technology. Congratulations to Valeria Rodelo, Wendy Carpio, Dayvionna Hart, Shiloh Groves, Ana Solares Blas, and Kayin Ward for this remarkable achievement. The Project Leader Award further acknowledged Dayvionna Hart's leadership, highlighting her exceptional ability to guide and inspire her peers.

The Leadership Recruitment Award again recognized Ariel's leadership, emphasizing her consistent dedication and influence within the program. Additionally, Jaylin Briscoe received the Outstanding Senior Award, and Ny'Vieanna Whitmore was honored for Outstanding Communication, showcasing their exemplary skills and contributions.

A Word of Gratitude
We are immensely grateful for the 20/20 Leadership Program and the invaluable opportunities it provides to high school students. This Kansas-Missouri youth educational leadership development program is dedicated to expanding students' education beyond the classroom through unique experiential learning opportunities. By developing resilient leaders and building stronger communities, the 20/20 Leadership Program plays a crucial role in shaping the future of our young people.

A special acknowledgment goes to Social Studies Teacher Kim Sixta, whose mentorship has been a cornerstone of our students' success. Her unwavering commitment to guiding and supporting these emerging leaders has yielded a substantial impact, for which we sincerely appreciate her contributions.

As the 20/20 Leadership group says, “WE ARE RUSKIN! It's a GREAT DAY to be an EAGLE!”