'Above and Beyond' Superintendent Honorees

Congratulations to two HMC-1 students for being the first recipients of the district’s “Above and Beyond” Superintendent award.

 As an entry initiative, Superintendent Yaw Obeng is thrilled to announce that he is donating $10,000 of personal funds to motivate and inspire students through the Above and Beyond awards.

The district’s first two recipients are Jett J., second grade student at Truman Elementary, and Diamond O., student at Ruskin High School.

The award is meant to recognize HMC-1 scholars who demonstrate a commitment to their educational development in a variety of aspects in school and the community. Throughout the 2020-21 school year, Supt. Obeng will highlight students who are reaching for the stars through academic achievement, contributing to their school or community through service, show leadership, or model good character and citizenship. Students who receive the Above and Beyond award will receive prizes and monetary gifts. 

 “Jett is an amazing scholar! He has completely perfect zoom attendance, participates willingly, works super hard, and is a leader in our class. Jett is also very studious. He completes 100% of his classwork. He is eager to learn about anything and everything, and is simply a joy to be around. Jett is the epitome of a Truman Scholar!” – Mrs. Pierce, Second Grade Teacher.

“Diamond has straight A's and has maintained mostly A's since freshman year. Diamond always has a smile on her face. When we were in person she made a point to say hi to teachers in the hallway, even if she didn't have them. She was always kind to other students. She is encouraging and understanding to other students. She tries to be her best everyday while at the same time helping others to be there best.”