February Applause Applause Honorees

Feb Applause Applause
Congratulations to our two February Applause Applause Honorees!
Meet Warford Elementary fifth grade student, Shyanne W. Shyanne attends Zoom class regularly and participates in discussions. She does not shy away from asking questions to deepen her learning. She is an enthusiastic learner and always willing to go the extra mile. Most recently, her class has been doing research on non-fiction topics. She decided to research polar bears and created a slideshow to display her findings. Her teacher, Dr. Hayes, reports that she has watched her blossom into a fantastic writer through the course of the year. Shyanne is always willing to share with her peers and has been able to serve as a model for how to meet the targeted learning objective.
Meet Ingels Elementary fourth grade student, Zayvion H. Though hesitant about virtual learning at the start of the school year, Zayvion embraced the changes and has attended class every day with a smile on his face. Zayvion loved to make books at school to share with everyone. When he couldn't do this, he decided to make his books he usually shares into movies so that he could still share them with others, virtually. He taught himself how to use the apps Stop Motion and TuneTastic to make the movies. He likes to share them to help teachers and his peers smile and brighten their day. Zayvion is a great example of embracing changes and continuing to be positive!