Learn about SHINE, Truman's elite girl group

Truman Elementary is home to one of the most unique student groups, SHINE.

SHINE is an all-girl group. The vision of the group is to empower Truman fourth and fifth grade girls to be their authentic selves.

In the group, each girl decides her personal definition of the word SHINE. They engage in relevant topics which promote self-worth, leadership, and make an impact in their family, school and community. They also participate in the traditional “I am Somebody Chant,” and weekly guest speakers that include HMC-1 Administrators.

 “Being in the SHINE girl is like a family to me. I trust them. I listened to past stories and they encourage me to do better. They encourage me to be a leader in the future.” - fifth grade member Beynoce M.

SHINE means a lot to me. I enjoy our special guests, especially when they talk about life lessons. SHINE is getting me ready for what’s coming in the future. Being a SHINE girl means power.” - fifth grade member Lavion H.  

SHINE has promoted 12 girls since its inception in 2019, and is a group that many students hope to be a part of. To become a SHINE girl, you must be a Truman scholar and be invited by a former SHINE girl and classroom teacher.

Amazing work to all SHINE students!